Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year, New House

Cj's been really sick lately, so we had a quiet New Year's. Dinner with the fam, then cuddling on the couch and watching Flatliners (XD) until midnight. Anyone stay up to greet the dawn? I think we made it maybe until 2 am.

New Year's Day holds a special soft spot in my heart since that's when Cj proposed to me, so it seems pretty fitting that we spent much of the day moving in to our new place. We're moving in reaallly reaaally slowly, just a few boxes and kind of one room at a time. The kitchen is almost done, and the bathroom's most of the way there (just missing the necessities we use every day).

We were planning to build a big set of shelves to go on the living room wall which could hold all our books, but since it started raining there's no way we're going to be able to get them up today like we'd hoped. Not only is the space to build them cut in half cause everything's wet, they also have to be painted, and even if we did it in our garage here they most likely wouldn't dry today since the air is all moist. Which is lovely, but not for painting. So today is probably going to be a slow moving day. Too bad, because I have really been enjoying how quickly the process is moving.

Mmph. Puppy's asleep on my arm, which is normal for even a non-rainy day here. In a way I'm excited to start up rehearsals for my new show, but in another way I'll be sad to lose the kind of quiet domesticity I've had for the past month...

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