Saturday, December 27, 2008

Some sort of Christmas Plague...

... has affected the members of my family this year. The run-down:

My father has vertigo
One of my sisters has some mysterious stomach ailment
My sister-in-law has the common cold something fierce
My mother-in-law had a stomach virus, and now has the common cold something fierce

... and I spent all last night in the grip of a combination mysterious stomach ailment slash intense intestinal discomfort. I will never drink limeade again. I hope it didn't ruin pie for me, either.

Today I feel better, but it still took Cj and I quite some time to decide whether we were going to drive from his parents' house to mine or whether we had to camp out for the time being. I was able to eat some crackers and ginger beer and that was reassuring so we made the trek. Now I'm home in my very comfy bed about to watch the Dark Knight, one of my christmas presents.

So I guess I should say things are looking up. ;)

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