Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tears in the Rain, Giggity

I am so wiped. All last week I was in a weird daze, staying up late to work on my writing samples and Statement of Purpose for graduate school, getting up early to work, and repeating the cycle as soon as I got home. I was drinking a lot more caffeine than normal and eating a lot less. I think I really screwed up my neck and shoulders typing in weird positions. I had the SciFi Channel on until two in the morning last night, with Sin City and Blade Runner: The Final Cut on in the background (which must have lent a weird air to my writing).

Cj got me out of the house today to go to frisbee, even though I couldn't bring myself to play with the writing hanging over my head. Instead I sat out in the park in the balmy, unseasonably warm air and typed like a madwoman. I was so exhausted I felt so disconnected from everything and everybody, sorry to all involved if I was a little weird.

BUT! About 5 minutes ago I finally finished both writing samples (although the third draft of the Statement will have to wait until I am sane once more). Hallelujah, hallelujah, the South shall rise again.

P.S. the Giggity is cause I'm watching Family Guy in celebration.

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