Monday, September 08, 2008

Pudgy McPudgerson

So, I've become aware that during the honeymoon I gained a bunch of weight. It was bound to happen - tons of buttery french bread, crepes for breakfast every day, lots of delicious cheese... not to mention the fact that all I wore the entire time I was there was caftans and bikinis. No wonder I didn't notice.

But then I came home and had to put on real clothes. And I swear to you, the only pair of jeans I own that wasn't unbearably tight (though still fitting), is the pair that was two sizes too big to begin with. Luckily I still need a belt for that one or I'd be really worried.

I only gained about 5 1/2 pounds of actual weight in the last three weeks, but it seems to have all gone directly to my stomach. It's genetic as well, I think - my grandmother was skinny her whole life but always had a potbelly. I need to stop doing dessert and do some sit ups, I really do. We'll see if I'm motivated enough.

I sent in yet another application for a theater job today, but I'm going to do my best not to think about it so that I will be pleasantly surprised if it happens. Because thinking about all the progress I am not making (coupled with the weight gain and the hair cut) is causing me to be very depressed.


tabitha said...

you could gain fifty pounds on no one would notice! I logged on today to see wedding pics, alas they are no where : ( glad to hear you had fun swimming with sharks, thats on my list for sure. We heard about cjs huge ink, Alair said it came out nice. They are such cool people, your inlaws. They brought my dad a leg! Now they can do no wrong in my eyes, anyone who knows a fake leg is funny is cool peoples.
I wish we could have hung out more, but I know how crazy a wedding and the aftermath can be. I'm totally looking forward to you guys coming down here. get in touch when you get here!

Kiki said...

hope the 'ole lady weight talk last night didn't contribute to this... we're just cranky and wont get off our asses and exercise.

Gina Marie said...

No no, I posted this beforehand.

I, also, won't get off my ass and exercise.