Sunday, September 28, 2008

First ticket ever.

Yesterday I got a ticket while driving home from work.

I pulled out into an intersection where traffic was moving, then somebody pulled out of a driveway up ahead and traffic suddenly stopped, trapping me in the intersection. There was someone else angled in front of me so I couldn't go straight instead of turning, so I had to just try and pull forward as much as I could and get out of the way of the left turn lane behind me. Then the light turned red. I sat there, mostly out of the way, until the green light. And then I got pulled over and given a ticket. I might add as well that it's an intersection where people always crowd in and I never do if I can see that the traffic isn't moving. Also, there were three other people in the intersection, but I had the oldest car. So I got pulled over.

I am so pissed off. Couldn't I get a ticket for something I was doing on purpose, like speeding? It didn't even have a price on it. I just have to appear in court.... God damnit.

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