Monday, July 07, 2008

Wisdom Teeth are Dead and Buried

Wuuuuugh. High on vicodin, but not enough. Panicked all last night (I have a great fear of general anaesthesia), but the staff at the place was really cool and made me feel pretty comfortable. Sure the Enya on the radio helped too.

There was a signed poster of Tiger Woods on the wall of the office. That helped too, I think. Dunno. On drugs.

I put it off for five years and now it's finally done. Hopefully I will never again have to have oral surgery.

Watched Pride and Prejudice and now watching Jumper. Managed to slurp down some Chocolate Moo'd despite the fact that my lower lip is still completely numb. Chin feels gigantic and spongy.

Filled in for a crew member on a show this weekend. Made a little bit of money, which is good. Still waiting to hear from CalArts and the Grant people.

Gonna go to bed now.

1 comment:

Kiki said...

You'll be so happy you did it now. Remind me to tell you the horror story of my wisdom extraction one of these days...

sending you good healthy vibes