Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shopping, Juicing, and Chatting Up Mormons

I am now, once again, in Southern California. Cj's working on his residency, and I am finding ways to occupy my time, such as:

Accompanying Cj's Mom to nurseries and home improvement stores to buy plants for her terrarium. (she's going to have poison dart frogs!)

Going to the farm stand (they have goats!), buying a 25 pound bag of carrots, and juicing enough to fill a pitcher.

Accompanying Cj's Mom to a Mormon Church Lady dinner outing at Red Robin. One of the women there had just been to Scotland (apparently she's Italian/Scottish, like me), and we talked for about 20 minutes about how we both teared up while at the top of the William Wallace Monument, wishing we didn't have to leave. Then we ordered the same thing, independently from each other. Then I was talking to Cj's Mom about something else and I heard this woman say "Vampire." Wait, what, hold the phone, she likes vampire books and movies too? And wait, she likes Gerard Butler, and watched Phantom of the Opera? So now I have an invitation to go to her house on Monday and watch Moonlight with a couple of other ladies (Cj says it's a trap to get me to convert ;).

Afterwards Cj's Mom and I walked around the mall near their house and went to Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters, where I got a (fairly reasonably priced) cardigan and a $1.99 tank top.

Then I came home and used some of the leftover carrot pulp to make this bread recipe.

I brought a whole bunch of books down with me to read over the course of the trip. I'm starting by re-reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and I'm entirely surprised by how great I still think it is.

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