Thursday, May 22, 2008

Short Answer is, the Dog's ok.

Stacy is doing ok. She was WAAAAY loopy last night, falling off of the couch and running into things, and she wouldn't eat or drink anything cause with half her front teeth missing (she only has 4!) it's really difficult for her. Her tongue was half hanging out a bunch yesterday like those dogs in the ugly dog contest. Except cute-like.

Anyway when I got home from work last night we had to hold her down and give her her medecine in the form of 1 little blue pill covered in Nan bread (which she cheeked and we had to try again... damn chihuahuas) and an oral syringe full of apparently yummy white goop. She liked the white goop so much we tricked her into drinking some water by squirting it into her mouth with the syringe.

She was snoring so badly all night because her face is tiny the swelling is all up in her nasal passages :( Cj and I both had to wear earplugs.

Today she went outside and went to the bathroom, played with us a little bit, ate some softened food, then went right back to bed. It'll take a few days before she's 100% again, and even then she'll only be 98% cause she's missing two teeth! And we're out $800.

At least they cleaned her teeth, gave her a microchip, and cleaned out her ears. The vet said they were all yeasty and that it was probably some sort of food allergy.

We have to give her .4 ccs of pain meds every 24 hours, a 1/4 dropperful of ear medication every day for 7 days, antibiotic pills once every 12 hours, and then she has yet ANOTHER set of pain meds that we can give her every 6 hours if it seems like she's in a lot of pain.


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