Sunday, May 18, 2008

*Insert Working Dwarf Song from Snow White Here*

So today I was working an event at the bookstore and the mic kept shorting out, and when I looked for the problem there was a homeless guy standing on the cord and reading the newspapers (they're right next to the connection point). I politely told him that he was causing the mic to short out and asked him if he could move. He said, "Yeah, I figured that was it." and went back to his newspaper. I asked him again to move and he just looked at me angrily and went back to his newspaper again.

What could I do? I said nothing because I didn't want to interrupt the speaker, who was a trained vocalist, and had already moved on from using the mic. I explained what happened after the event was over and the speaker said, "So that's what was going on over there." He was really nice about the whole thing though.

The homeless dude didn't buy the newspapers, by the way. I know, big surprise.

My fortune cookie today said, "You will soon change your line of work."

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