Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back on the Tracks

Sorry about the lapse in posting, lurking blog gremlins. Stage Managing eats your soul in a way that I sort of anticipated but could not possibly understand the extent of. It's not that I have to always be on call by cell phone or email, but if I'm not things have the tendency to go haywire. I'd rather be available and on task all the time than have things get messed up and have to fix them. But boy does it wear me down. I'm only glad we don't rehearse on the weekend, because I really need those days to recharge. Or to babysit my favorite two year old. Or to go tuxedo shopping with my dad as the case was last weekend.

The wedding stuff is coming together, after that first mad dash to get everything done that should have been done in the nonexistent six-month planning period BEFORE our sudden six-month "engagement" happened. For those of you that don't know the story, I had been engaged to Cj for the past 5 years or so before we finally decided, "this year's the year." So what we had always thought would be a slow and deliberate planning process (like our equally slow and deliberate engagement) turned into a wham-bam-thank you ma'am type of thing.

But it's been one of those things where you know you're going in the right direction because things magically materialize and come together. The few hiccups we've had (the original caterer wanted to charge us $140 a head, natch) have only led us to much better solutions than we had originally. Things just pop up out of nowhere.

Although I was really pissed to open up the latest Martha Stewart Weddings and find almost the exact color scheme and theme to my wedding featured. The way they arranged the place setting was the same, their ideas for invitations were the same... This has happened to my mother with screenplays and to friends of mine with other ideas - it's like it just permeates the air and drifts cross-country where other people with more money or time breathe it in and use it. Oh well, it's too late to change now. I'll just be really cutting edge.

Oh, I think I forgot to tell this story, but the caterer we finally decided to go with had a novel suggestion to prevent the wedding from being overrun by bees (we're in a garden in the summer) - meat on stakes stuck all around the site.

My mother asked, "You mean like, in a bee trap?"

"No. Just stick the meat on the stakes and then put them all around."


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cmoore said...

how many people are we talking for the rehearsal dinner? I really would like to contribute an edible...