Friday, March 21, 2008

Things That Have Happened Today:

I woke up because my mom was on the phone all worried about wedding stuff and I got all freaked out.

I went out to pick up my paycheck and some books that I have to read on the trip to Southern Cali. On the way out I ran over a stick.

While out, I got a phone call from Cj letting me know that it wasn't a stick but was in fact a part of our sprinkler pvc pipe.

Went the hardware store to pick up a part and fix it, because water was running down the driveway.

I shopped/waited in line for half an hour.

On the way home I almost got run off the road because someone else decided to drive down the middle of the freeway for a while before cutting me off to exit.

When I got home the part was the wrong size.

I went back out to the hardware store.

On the way, I tripped on some stairs and fell down. Two guys with goatees laughed at me.

I came home.

Now we're waiting the 2 hours it takes for the epoxy to dry to see if we get to leave. If it doesn't work, we have to fix something else, then wait another two hours to see if THAT worked.

At least I didn't get a rejection letter today.

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