Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Non-Mopey Post, For A Change

My little sister flew in for Spring Break last night, so today we went with Cj to get his mohawk reshaped (after all my DIY haircutting, which, while earnest and decent, was not the most skillful). Afterwards we hung around downtown for a few hours, went shopping (I picked out a dress for my upcoming wedding shower, Cj got a steampunk-esque trench coat, my sister got new workout clothes), dropped in to see our friend Frost at his work, ate Cold Stone Creamery ice cream (my favorite is sweet cream with graham cracker crust and raspberries), and then met up with the parents to see In Bruges.

Now I'd heard from friends that this movie was good. What they didn't specify is that it is darkly funny, emotionally layered, and has three of the best leading actor performances I've seen in a while. Also it's well-written and has an unusual ending. So go out right now and find a place where it's playing, because this is one movie that deserves the $10 or more you shell out for a movie ticket these days.

And watch out for the bottle.

(Seriously, go see it and you'll understand)

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Liquid Sky Arts said...

I love Ralph Fiennes, it sounds great... and looks like it's set in Amsterdam?!

Thanks so much for the PaPaYa! story, that's so fun to hear! :)