Monday, February 25, 2008

Quasi MFA post, Pics

Cj took this picture of the heavily grafitti'd subfloor at CalArts. Man do I want to go there.

So, I'm fairly sure at this point that I didn't get into Brown. I haven't heard either way yet, but their second interviews/panel directing sessions take place this weekend and I doubt they would have waited this long to let me know.

It's okay, but it does make me nervous about the remaining two west coast schools. UCSD interview on Wednesday. I'm flying down and back in the same day - I feel so jet set.

Helped out with a bookstore event tonight that I thought was going to be low key, but was in fact THE EXACT OPPOSITE with crazy people, ticket sales, all sorts of borrowed chairs and a packed house. My feet are killing me, but at least I'm good at what I do.

Would like to get into an MFA program though so I can do shows instead.


Picture of me.

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