Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rehearsal and Stuffs

During rehearsals I either fill in for actors who can't be there (they're all double cast in other shows as well), or sit behind the desk and write little notes to the director or dramaturg. I've also been looking up a whole bunch of occult symbols and signs for the production in all the alchemy books the director has. It's completely fascinating. I've been taking notes and drawing pictures like mad.

One of the actors the other day said something that made me think differently about the whole process; I think I must have contributed something during a table read, but then said "But I don't know if that's right." And he said, "Nah. There must be some reason you're sitting on that side of the table. Not everybody gets to sit on that side of the table.

In other news, I miss frisbee. I have rehearsal all day just about every day of the week. Ah well - theater is a cruel mistress. But sexy. Super sexy.

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