Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hair and Other Things

I got my hair cut today. Basically it's the same cut, only cuter with big sideswept bangs. I'll post pictures when it's light outside and I'm not in monkey pyjamas. :/ So for now I guess this is gonna be a post in honor of my hairstylist, Celia.

Fun things about Celia:


She plays in a punk band. I forget if she plays guitar or bass.

She cut Cj's hair into his first mohawk (at least since I've known him).

My whole family gets their hair cut by her - my sisters, my mom, Cj... the only person who doesn't is my dad.

We chat about tattoos a lot - because she has a whole bunch, mostly old school style. A lot of the stylists there do. I haven't told her I want to get sparrows because I'm afraid she'll think I'm a doof.

I found out today she once cut Paul Whitworth (Artistic Director of Shakespeare Santa Cruz)'s hair.


That's it. I didn't feel very good today so I slept in really late... I think I'm fighting whatever Emily had.

OH! I almost forgot! Ballet Rep went really great. Here are a couple of pictures of my piece [I totally need a new camera].

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