Monday, May 07, 2007


I'm exhausted, but happy.

This weekend I'd planned to see two shows in addition to Delizie (which somehow came together at the last minute and worked), but I was so wiped that instead a friend and I decided to have a little mini-vacation. We drove to Carmel and went shopping for lingerie, both bought the same shirt in different colors, and then drove home to have dinner with our respective significant others only to discover that there was a downed power line or something right next to my house, and the power was out to my entire neighborhood. When I walked in the door I found my poor little puppy sitting in the dark shivering with the burglar alarm going off. She's such a trooper!

After a bit, Cj and I lit a bunch of candles and decided to take a bath, during which I leaned back into the candles and singed the back of my head. I didn't get too much hair, so you can't tell, but it was definitely an interesting experience.

As for Sunday: Saw Spiderman 3. I have several complaints, but at the core of them is -

Not enough Venom. Nuff said.

My weekly/biweekly frisbee game was a bit disappointing. I played just about the crappiest game I've ever played (of ANYTHING), but sort of redeemed myself towards the end. I guess. Then we stopped off at my friend Joe's work (bakery!) to go to the bathroom and regroup.

RE: Bakery - Every time I go to that bakery I think about what my cake will look like when I get married. I'm thinkin' simple white buttercream with something absolutely decadent inside, fresh flowers on the outside, and a keepsake cake topper. A while ago I was looking around online and I found the perfect one - it's exactly like my relationship with Cj. It's called "Let's Make Up" by Lladro but that's not why I like it. It just looks like us.

Cute, no? ;)

School: I need to catch up in Directing Studio. I'm acting in a scene from Angels in America that someone else in the class is directing, and it's been a while since I've acted in anything so I'm a little nervous. I also need to find a second male actor for my own piece, which is proving a bit difficult, but I'm sure it'll go well.

Well, off to grade quizzes and papers... the life of a TA.

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