Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Number of Things

1) I got a great cast for my Directing Studio scene, which is excellent. It'll be a challenge, but it's all good. That's why I'm here - to learn.

2) You know that game where you stand in front of the other person and mimic their movements to the point where you don't know who's initiating one movement or moving into the other? Mirror, I think it's called? Well I had the most intense session I've ever had, to the point where I forgot I was a girl and just completely got lost in being the guy I was paired up with. It was crazy. That's how you know you're working with a really good actor - they suck you in.

3) Oh, and bonus, he's one of the guys I got for my scene in Directing Studio. He was in a great production of Equus this past year and I think he's a fantastic actor.

4) I love my opera independent study with my costume design professor from last quarter. No matter how stressed I am with other things, it's nice to just go into his office and bitch about which characters I think are sissies, or not attractive, or simpering. Half of what we do in there is bitch - it's fantastic. Also, I really feel like I'm learning, instead of just being talked at.

5) I'm getting bit all over by bugs! It's crazy warm here and all the mosquitos and GIANT FREAKING SCARY SPIDERS are coming out to play. Seriously, Cj found this one hanging out on the other side of the window (thank god) that just completely scared the crap out of me. I'd take a picture, but I never never never want to see it again. Brrr.

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