Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Nutty Week

So, my crazy week. At the end of last week I realized that since I have to travel to Berkeley for the tech week of the Italian Renaissance show, I'm not only going to miss one lecture of the class for which I am a teaching assistant, I'm also going to have to miss two days of Directing Studio. No good at all. At least the show is coming together. Unfortunately, we're also running into typical 2/3 of the way there problems. People are getting tired, there's some little spats happening, the usual freak out right before tech week. It makes me bite my nails, but other than that I think I'm doing okay. I just hope this week goes off without a hitch.

I got started off on the wrong foot with my ballet piece, unfortunately. I scheduled a meeting for right after Directing Studio, and we got let out late. There's no clock in the studio room and I'm not allowed to have my phone on, so guess who was late to her first meeting with her dancers? Yeah, me. I hope both of them know that I'm never late to anything else (I've worked with them both before) but it still sucks. I HATE being late.

And speaking of being late, it's entirely possible that everyone will be late to the Berkeley tech week because of this unfortunate thing:

It's the only bad thing in a weekend full of goodness though. I went skating at the roller rink for a friend's birthday party, then came home and played frisbee for an hour, then went out to dinner and had the best birthday cake ever - Yum! Then drove up into the Hills for another friend's birthday party with MORE cake, plus multiplayer guitar hero on a wall projector and an amazing view of the bay area. Twinkly lights make me happy. Today I'm grading papers, and then either crafting with friends, or playing frisbee with friends (depending on who can come). So hopefully I'll be able to relax a little bit before the hell that is this next week.

Oh, ps. I found out this week that my dog has been getting into the catbox and playing around with the various items therein as if they were toys. Yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck. I brushed her teeth twice and washed her muzzle off with soap. She thought she was being punished.

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