Saturday, March 24, 2007

Vegas, Baby!

I forgot how bright it is here at night.

Cj's aunt and uncle are being stellar and putting us up while we're here, which is cool for everyone because we hardly ever get to see them and vice/versa. They have a gorgeous house with a nice big pool and a jacuzzi that we have totally taken advantage of (things I never did in high school - kiss a boy in a jacuzzi :), and a giant big screen tv where we watched Almost Famous and all the bonus material on Memoirs of a Geisha. We're eating normal stuff from the grocery store, and keeping a low financial profile so as to save the $$, but it still feels like we're staying at a nice hotel (except better because there's people here to hang out with).

Yesterday we found out that Cj's uncle had been wanting to go see the japanese Human Bodies exhibit that was happening out at the strip, the same one I've been dying to see for quite a while now, but that Cj's aunt wasn't in to it and he didn't want to go alone. So we went together and got a good deal between the locals and student discounts, and it was phenomenal. Just amazing. I did get teary eyed during the part where they show all the little fetuses (feti?) in various stages of development, and I don't think I could ever have an abortion after going and seeing that, but it was still a great experience. I was amazed at how much I didn't know about my own body, even after anatomy classes and lots of curiosity.

Today we're hanging out around home and maybe going out to one of the little shopping centers nearby, and I'm planning on sewing a bunch and being very crafty. :) I'm also resisting the temptation for a shotgun wedding, thank you very much everyone who suggested it... it just wouldn't feel right.

Other than that: lots of chillin', lots of movies, and some very excellent juevos rancheros.

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