Saturday, March 17, 2007


Tonight my fiance and I went to dinner with some friends and both of my sisters in a primarily Chinese part of town to eat Chinese food, then we went to a little dessert cafe next to it. On the menu (besides tapioca milk tea and lots of shaved ice) was something called "Double boiled young coconut with rock sugar and Harsmar." We had a huge big conversation trying to guess what the hell Harsmar was, and even took a picture of the kanji over it to send to a chinese friend. A little later our friend Joe gets a phone call, and all we hear is:

"So lay it on me.

... what?

... are you sure?

... you're shitting me.

... no, you're full of shit.

... I don't believe you."

And then the kicker:

"If it's a bowl of fallopian tubes, I'll eat one."

Then he hung up the phone and said, "Apparently, according to my full of shit friends, it's a bowl of frog fallopian tubes."

Well, guess what, Joe? You get to eat a big bowl full of 'em. And I insist on being present.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hasma (雪蛤, 雪蛤膏, or 哈士蟆)is a Chinese dessert ingredient made from the dried fallopian tubes of the hermaphrodite frog Rana temporaria chensinensis, also commonly known as the snow frog or forest frog.

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