Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I've been putting off writing a holiday entry because I wasn't entirely sure what to say in it. It seems like lots has happened, but I couldn't articulate it on the page like I normally can. I'll do my best now, though, as procrastinating has never gotten me anything good.*

Christmas Eve at Cj's house was nice and low key, as hoped. We had lunch with his brother, sister-in-law, nephew and new baby neice (who both Cj and I held, with varying degrees of success), and exchanged our presents early since we'd be having Christmas Day at my parents' house. Memorable presents included a set of sock monkey-themed sheets and some pretty hand-me down earrings from Cj's mom and a sushi set for two from Cj's brother. It's too bad we couldn't all have Christmas together, or it would have been even more excellent.

As it was, Christmas with the folks was lovely, with exchanges of presents more meaningful than trivial, with a Christmas Eve dinner cooked by me and the sisters. Speaking of which, one of our presents was a cooking lesson from a chef (very educational), which we had a few days ago... hopefully I'll be able to make more than pasta and toast now. I also got a nifty little sewing machine that I've yet to try out, but I'll probably end up making some of the costumes for Prometheus on it.

New Year's was much the same as usual - traditionally we invite over this set of twins that my sisters went to school with (as well as their parents and, this time, a boyfriend and a really cool cousin) and play board games until two in the morning. As a tradition it has mixed success. Oh, they brought over their little purebred Chihuahua to play with (read: be terrorized by) Stacy. New Year's Day was fun - we slept in and I made apricot scones, then we went to friend Joe's parents' house and ate some excellent japanese/asian fusion type food and chilled with his friends, all of whom have senses of humor similar to Cj's (not sure if that's good or bad - they were cool, though).

Now Molly's on a plane heading back to school in Japan, Emily's heading back to college on Thursday, my college roommate Kacey is driving up the hill to my house, and I have a pink mole on my back that feels like a burn. Hm. Dermatologist appointment, anyone?

Still haven't figured out New Year's resolutions - I guess that'll be my next post. Night, all...

*Except maybe Cj.

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