Friday, December 22, 2006


Funny enough, it seems that all I needed to kick my cold was a 6 hour drive down to Cj's parents' house and one very long nyquil-induced sleep.

Also some cottage cheese and apples. Mmm.

We went out to the mall today with Cj's little sister and she wanted to go into this upscale pet store they have there, with all these little designer brand puppies. She reeeally wanted to play with one in the little holding pens they have, so we picked a French Bulldog (see below).

It was really playful and kept poking my pants with its nose. Cj's parents have two new kittens - maybe it was smelling those. Anyway while we were playing with the dog this older couple peeked into the pen and asked the sales girl how much the dog cost, and the sales girl said somewhere in the realm of $3000.

This is when we decided to put the dog back and go.

The rest of the day we visited Cj's mom at Beverly's Fabrics (she took a seasonal job there), which was going out of business. Everything was 50% off already ridiculous prices, so we got a couple of matching frames for our diplomas, some of those neat swarovski crystals for my new phone, a small size paper mache dress form, and some cheap ribbon and fabric.

The rest of the night I made and wrapped christmas presents while Cj played Dead Rising. All in all it's been a restful break, but I'm looking forward to visiting more friends in the time ahead.

Ta', all.

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