Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fun Projects

Well, Courtney's gone. I drove her to the bus depot today (that's right, I've been driving all over the place and haven't hit anything yet, isn't that wonderful?) after four days of wonderfulness. We made a fantastic dinner (pictures forthcoming) and a suprise vegan birthday cake for Cj that you WISH you'd had a piece of, watched a plethora of amazing movies including Moonstruck which reminds me that I'm Italian, and I just wish she was moving in the vicinity NOW instead of in a year so that I could see her all the time.

I also finished (I think) the poster for the dance concert I'm working on, reread THBP (The Half Blood Prince - but I just like how funny the acronym looks), and started the first of many stuffed animals I'm sewing for Christmas presents. It's nice - I'm busy, but I'm not busy. Just got fun projects.

I accidentally sewed its legs together, though. Sooo yeah. Gotta figure that out.

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