Friday, November 17, 2006

It begins.

I went to the DMV today and took my written test without studying. Not surprisingly, I juuuust barely passed. Then I went to dinner and had a big, fat, really strong margarita and didn't drive home.

Get off the roads, y'all. I'm fixin to drive some places.

Other things I have done recently:

Ordered bleach and hair dye (this color). I wanted to get pink as well, but I spent a lot of money this month, so I think I'll just leave the bangs in front bleached and then do them pink a little later.

Cancelled rehearsal for tomorrow so I can focus less on movement improv and more on solid choreography for the moment. Things are coming along, though.

Cleaned out the pantry and found a bunch of ramen, some hi-chews, and some of those little sugar candies they feed the soot sprites in Spirited Away. Can we say score?

Went to Cold Stone's and got my regular (ever since I first went to the one at the Irvine Spectrum with my best friends from high school) - sweet cream with raspberries and graham cracker crust. Deeeelish.

I also watched the last X men movie finally and... meh. If people get pissy and want to discuss, I'll be glad to join you in the comments below.

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