Sunday, September 17, 2006


Today I got up planning to work real hard and put away the stuff in all the boxes to try and get the damn den set up before school starts on Tuesday. However, my plans were slightly delayed when Cj (very sweetly) surprised me with breakfast out (artichoke tomato and cheese omelette, drool) and a shopping day. We went to the mall and hit the clearance racks like mad, then went to this awesome resale store downtown that has tons of designer & non-designer stuff for dirt cheap. Cj got himself a nice Ben Sherman shirt for about $8. Here's what I ended up with:

Fuschia domestic partner-beater ($6.50)
Grey Lei. straight leg jeans ($4.50)
Purple & Green Puma sweatshirt ($13.50)

We also just happened to pick up a $20 parking ticket (bastards... that was never 20 minutes). Grah. Then we went home, Cj went to take a nap, and I watched Sleepy Hollow. Shortly after that we both got grumpy for reasons I won't get in to, had a spat, then sort of got over it and did some work on the den, as per the original plan.

Some other news: when Cj took me to do my employment paperwork at the college, he and my little sister drove around for a while while I was inside, and apparently Cj was absolutely smitten by the place and just casually asked me if I would look at the Master's in Education they have here. It turns out the program is solid, and would only take 2 summer quarters and an academic year to complete. Problem is, he wants to move on after that to do his Ph.D. in Education, and none of the schools I want to do my MFA at have the program he wants. So after a very long rather complex discussion, we decided that Cj's going to apply to the Master's program here while I apply to work at one of the theatre companies nearby for the next few seasons. He'll complete his program while I beef up my resume, then I'll apply to schools and see where I get in. While I'm doing my MFA he'll work more (with a Master's to boost his earning power), save some money, and then when I complete my MFA he'll apply to Ph.D. programs and I'll try to get a job in whatever area surrounds THAT school. So we're basically going to be leapfrogging each other in education the next few years, but as long as neither one of us has a problem with it, we'll both get exactly what we want. Phew.

So the long and short of it is, we probably won't be moving out of the county any time soon, although whether or not we stay in my parent's house is really up to them. Who knows? They might get sick of us and want to have a romantic time ;) But for the meantime, here we are.

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