Thursday, September 14, 2006

Movin' on Up

Last night my little sister flew in from USC to play a jazz gig, so we had kind of a long drive to get there and some good food and music before we headed home. Then today Cj took me to campus to do my employment paperwork. Man, we must've seen ten deer before we even got to the office we were looking for. This campus is just so much more spread out than the last one... I'm glad I'm taking a carpool to get to school because it's waaay far out from my house. Luckily, all of my classes (including the one I'm TA'ing) are in the Theatre complex. Hooray for taking only theatre classes! How novel! Hurrah!

Then we went to Erik's deli to get some excellent soup and sammich, stopped by the storage unit to empty more stuff, and back home to light a fire and sit with my little dog.

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