Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dreams and Projects

Had a long dream last night about the show. I dreamed it was awful, nobody knew their lines, and all the musicians quit, so Ryan had to borrow one of the stepsisters and a cow (actor cow, not real cow) to play piano. I don't even know if they can play piano. Also, the show hadn't actually opened yet, but people kept coming to rehearsals as if they were actually shows, then leaving halfway through because it was so bad. I started yelling at everybody, but nobody else seemed to notice that the show was so terrible so they all got mad at me and left.


Well, I've been promising to post pictures of all the projects I've been working on, so I put up some of them on my livejournal (don't worry, it's unlocked so everyone can see it). I'll post more later. My apartment is so dark I have to go to school to get decent lighting.

Things include:

CD Swap with Kathleen of liquid sky arts
Mother's Day Cards
Oyster puppets

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