Monday, April 03, 2006

Oh my good lord, I have been on campus since 11 this morning.


In other news, Alice in Wonderland and Casanova are now well on their way... now if only we could get the unnamed musical up and running we'd be in business.

I tried to take care of Accounting and getting new rooms for auditions (scheduling... don't ask), but the accounting lady didn't answer her phone and Leslie is out sick today. I asked one of the other guys in the office if he could schedule the rooms for me and he just looked at me and said, "Leslie schedules the rooms." So I just said thanks and walked away. Same guy that wouldn't go to the bookstore (30 feet away) and buy toner because it was raining outside.

Fun fun... but I'm really excited about Alice in Wonderland. I suggested a theme and the whole group jumped on it and we're running with it. It'll be nice to do costumes for a change, instead of having to worry about all the little details of the show.

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