Thursday, April 20, 2006

Just so you know, I'm feeling better now.

We've been getting ahead in rehearsals (that never happens) by doing at least four songs plus a scene, and everyone seems to be doing well and picking things up quickly. Although I still don't know exactly whats going on, the whole elitist "who are these new people and why did they get lead roles" thing seems to have blown over, enough that I can be in rehearsal now without looking around thinking, "who is it that hates me right now?"

Current projects:

Into the Woods (the musical)
The Casanova Project (my adaptation)
Alice in Wonderland (costumes generally, but currently shadow puppets)
Book Arts - loose leaf book/group alterations; time piece

For the book arts thing I don't know what to do for my time piece... I could do the typical "the summer i went to europe" one, but Brendan also has these great dream graphs that I can tell would be really neat to make into a book. Hmm... votes?

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