Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hmm... some things.

I've been spending an ungodly amount of time in the letterpress lab - so much so that I'm starting to leave things there. *Not.Good.* But I'm almost done setting "Swan Dive." I've run out of i's, m's, n's, d's, s's, t's, o's, and several other letters that I've now forgotten, but it may turn out to look interesting... sort of like the song is changing over the course of things and becoming something else entirely. Yeah, I did it on purpose.... >_o

I'm working on my Grad school essay so I can upload it before the first... I've got about three different drafts of it but I'm still not satisfied. I'm really nervous about it for some reason. Usually I'm so confident in my writing.

Two more rehearsals for the show until tech week/hell week... I don't think my actors really realize how short of a time that is. 12 days until opening night... FREAK OUT TIME!

Oh, also Paraphernalia is back up and running. The last time I posted there was December of 2004, but I realized that even if nobody else reads it, I go back and look at it as reference and to get presents for people. So if you're interested, it's there again.

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