Monday, December 05, 2005


Got my Ipod nano today! Is inscribed with a quote from Rent (cause I'm a super huge theatre nerd and my first quote was too long):

Only thing to do is
jump over the moon

I'm calling it Moo.

Also, Cj and I finally went out and got the new TV his mom gave us money for (it's his birthday, my birthday, and both our christmas presents). The old one he's had for about six years, and the sound is completely dead (not to mention there's a migrating green spot that always starts in the upper left hand corner). So we went out and got a Panasonic 27" HDTV, only to get it home and find out, Surprise! It's too wide for the entertainment center.

We got our EC for a dollar. It's made of MDF and has triangle shaped shelves, so nothing fits properly in it, not even DVDs. Somewhere along the line somebody popped out one of one of the side shelf sections (probably to fit their tv), but left the top shelf of the section, which sticks down into the TV cavity. So Cj drilled holes into it to weaken it and then snapped off the corner, and now the TV fits... sort of. It's still sticking out of the cavity about a half inch, but oh well. At least it's BIGGER.

Wrote one out of two of my final papers and turned it in on campus today - will have to finish the second one tonight to turn in tomorrow morning. While we were on campus turning in papers and making a deposit for the show ($1,065 dollars, biotch!) Cj decided he wanted to go to the arcade and play DDR, so we called up Ryan (music director extraordinaire) and he came and played too. We spent pretty much the entire afternoon down there, but it was a hell of a lot of fun.

On that topic - I figured out why I didn't like playing DDR in the past, especially in front of other people (*coughCj'sfriendscough*).

2 reasons -
1) I get so bored with Easy that I forget what I'm supposed to be doing, and miss steps.
2) I don't like jumping (for obvious physical reasons). When I play DDR in front of guys, they stare at my chest. There were a couple of icky guys in the arcade who completely stopped playing the game they were into two seconds beforehand to watch me play. Did they do that for the other two girls who were playing one second beforehand (in baggier shirts than mine)? No. Ick ick ick.

So I think I'll just have to start binding myself to play DDR, because I forgot how much fun it can be. But I've procrastinated enough, methinks... time to write that paper. *_*

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