Thursday, December 01, 2005

Livejournal Memes

I am happy about:

1) The portable spot being easy to use

2) My actors not hating me

3) THE ORCHESTRA (Yes, that's right, I said orchestra)

4) My lovely fiance, who helped set up

5) My excellent music director who doesn't mind (much) when I openly mock him

6) My little dog who is currently defiling my kitchen

7) My swiffer wet jet, that cleans it up

8) My photographer friends who took great pictures of the show

9) My curmudgeonly teacher who was, for once, excited about the show

10) A successful open dress rehearsal of Cradle Will Rock.

Five strange habits I have:

1. I organize things before I clean them - case in point, the dishes sitting in the sink while I obsessively make sure all the neon paper clips in each compartment are the same color.

2. Refusing to take a nap even though I'm incredibly tired, then complaining about how tired I am.

3. I only bite my nails during theatre-related activities, even if I'm not that nervous.

4. Renewing library books until the bitter end, even if I'm not actually reading them.

5. Equating being bored or upset with the fact that my hair is too long/short/dyed/plain and rectifying that fact while I should be doing something to make myself less bored or upset.

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