Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The search for a dog begins...

Well, it's been decided - Cj and I are going to go looking for a dog. I posted this on Craigslist today:

I'm looking for a small dog (I would prefer a short coat Chihuahua or Min Pin as they are so much easier to keep groomed, but other breeds are ok too) who doesn't need a fenced yard. There is an off leash dog park a few minutes away from where I live, but my yard is v. small. Does not have to be a pure breed at all - mixes are great too. Age can be anywhere from a very young puppy to a 6 or 7 year old, but I can't be financially responsible for a senior pet just yet as I am still in college and only working part time.

Am willing to pay a reasonable adoption fee (similar to what you would pay at a shelter or rescue), so if your dog just had puppies and you need to find them homes, or if you've moved and your new landlord won't accept pets, please contact me!

We're going to go to the local rescue to see if there are any small dogs that like us, and we also have a friend who is a vet tech in the area. She said she'd keep her eye out for us. Anyway, if you're on the West Coast and looking for a home for your dog, email me and let me know. Who knows? It could be love at first sight.

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