Monday, April 11, 2005

Jazz, David Duchovny, and Migranes

This past weekend I drove up to the Monterey Jazz Festival to see my little sister play. She's in the Faboo All Star Fabulous Kids band or some similar name, which basically means that she's real neat and talented and people from colleges are starting to notice her. It would have been a great trip, as I got to see my family, Cj and his family drove up with me, and we all sang and played guitars. However, we unluckily were unaware that our hotel was plagued with an infestation of Jazz Kids from Beaverton, Oregon. Why is it that when kids are away from home and in a group, suddenly they all get stupid and loud? If anyone can explain that in five words or less, I'll give them a lollipop.

We drove back home on Sunday after not sleeping all weekend (due to said infestation) and I had to go right to work. Nobody can ever cover for me, basically, because two out of the four of us had to work the shift, the other had a birthday (not blaming her, I'd take the day off if it was my birthday) and the fourth was out of town for a work trip (although it seemed to be a social trip as well). In any case, I left work with a huge migrane feeling like I was going to throw up. One of my co-workers mentioned nachos and I almost puked right there in the car. I NEVER get migranes. This was the first one ever, and I felt like I was going to die.

Luckily, I had the whole day off today so I slept as much as possible. Cj and I drove around and had an adventure - we drove down to this little hidden park and discovered a creek. Cj started creek walking, subsequently got stuck on a rock and had to take off his shoes to wade across the river. All in all, a good day. But once again, here I am back at work. It's good that I'm leaving - I'm just so exhausted at the end of every day, and if my apartment gets any more disgusting I might have to move to leave the mess behind just like in The Fan Man.

P.S. Apparently, David Duchovny has a blog where he talks about the new movie he's directing. Neato!

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