Saturday, February 26, 2005

Freaking Out/Sore/Tired/Craving Ice Cream

Went shopping with some of my cast members last night for lingerie a.k.a. costumes, which was a nice diversion from freaking out about the music.

I have a piano player (another one), but she's self-taught and doesn't learn music very fast, so I don't think she can get the whole show in just a week and a half (who could?). So here's what I'm gonna do: While I have a backup instrumental version that I could use if we have a breakdown opening night, all the keys are different and it would be a bitch to use (not to mention the fact that it's against my contract). So, I'm going to ask different members of the cast who play piano to learn a song or two each, and we'll alternate them and Claire (my current pianist). That way, we don't have to use the karaoke, the jazz guitarist and alto sax player can still play on certain songs, and it's live music which doesn't violate my contract with the publishing company.

Argh. I did some sit ups last night for the first time in 5 years. I managed to make it to 50 (somehow), which I think impressed the1andonlycj. Sad that 50 situps can impress him, huh? Anyway, then I did some leg lifts and went to bed, and this morning I'm really sore. But that's good, I guess. Hrm.

Cabaret is doing a fundraiser at Cold Stone's, and the cast is going to come dressed up and sing songs from the show and stuff, which is cool. However, the weather report says it's going to rain before the weekend's out... so help me out, and pray or chant or whatever so that the sun stays out until Tuesday, k?

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