Sunday, January 02, 2005

Home again home again, jiggety jig.

Back from my parents house... I'll miss them, but my bed here is so much more comfy and I really needed to get Cabaret started. It's been too long since I decided I want to do this play.

By the way, the publishing company sent me a letter saying that they hadn't gotten my payment of the bill and that they wouldn't be sending me rehearsal material for another month unless I got them the check THE NEXT DAY. I started hyperventilating since they'd never sent me a bill at all. Luckily, my father is a saint, and overnighted the full amount of the bill so that we would get our scripts and scores on time, and the next day when I called the company they apologized. Apparently, the person I talked to had "forgotten" to include the billing info in the letter she sent me. ARGH. But the scripts should arrive tomorrow, thank GOD.

My mum, in her infinite wisdom, found me tickets to a production of Cabaret in Santa Cruz on New Year's. I was most impressed, except for the fact that Sally was an opera singer (very not cool) and couldn't do a British accent (very Very not cool). They also cut out a great many songs, which I don't think is right.

After the show they had a New Year's Eve party in the theatre, and there were all these middle aged women dressed up in period costume and chasing the Cabaret boys (scantily clad) around the room. There was a really good salsa band, and I wish I had danced more, but Cj was too busy fuming at the drunk 12 year olds who were hitting on my little sisters.

So I'm back in town, and just setting up last minute things for Auditions on Thursday. Things aren't too bad, besides the fact that we're overrun by roaches and Cj's trunk locked itself shut yesterday. Could be worse, though.

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