Thursday, November 11, 2004

Explanation of Wishlist

Well, my birthday's coming up, and so obviously I've been fiddling around with my wishlist, but I was thinking that maybe the wishlist doesn't explain itself. I've thought alot about everything on there, and there's a little story behind most of them, so I thought I'd explain it a little more here.

1. Annie's Macaroni
I used to love Annie's Macaroni while I was living in Santa Cruz, and you just can't find it anywhere here, let alone anything like it. It's the most comforting of all my favorite comfort foods, and reminds me of home quite a lot. I'd love some.

2. Spaghetti Canister
As it's just me and Cj, I don't cook enough pasta in one sitting to get rid of the whole bag. At the moment, whenever I open a packet of Spaghetti I leave about half of it in the wrapper sitting in my utensil organizer next to the stove. I'd really love to have a place where I can put it so nothing creepy crawly gets in.

3. Glass Sconce and 10. Shower Curtain
Our bathroom is pretty freaking ugly at the moment. It's got an avocado green sink counter (mixed with swirls of yellow-ish brown), no windows, and a pink Invader Zim shower curtain with pigs on it. Nothing matches, and the lighting is horrendous (all I've got, besides the fluorescent overhead, is a little lamp from Ikea and some Nightmare Before Christmas string lights). I'd love a little mood lighting, and maybe this new shower curtain which has all the colors that are already in the bathroom (except pretty), and would even match my towels.

4.Alarm Clock
I HATE my alarm clock. Not only is it ugly, but it makes the most godawful noise when I have to wake up in the morning. I'd love something that's slightly retro, with a much less harsh alarm noise, and that I could fold up and take with me when I go home.

5. Sleep Mask
Even when I don't have to wake up to an alarm, I can't manage to sleep in. Even with two sets of curtains on the window in my bedroom (one of them a double weave thickness that should by all rights keep the light out) it still gets really bright in the morning as the window faces east. If I had a sleep mask I could let myself sleep in on the weekends for a change. I'd love one without eyes on it (Cj would get creeped out).

6. Passport Cover
So, you may know that I don't have my driver's license yet, which means that my only government-issued form of ID is my passport. If I have to be a dork and carry around my passport, could I at least have a cool cover for it? I'd love one in pink or light blue with some detail on the front, especially the cool retro one on my wishlist.

7. Duffel Bag
It doesn't have to be the one I picked, but I'd like a stylish duffel or boarding bag to take with me on trips. My backpack is getting kind of tired, and now that I'm not in high school I don't really need to lug a ton of books with me. I'd love any kind of duffel or boarding bag as long as it's not a generic sports/gym type bag.

8. Velvet Blazer
I lost a lot of weight over my first 2 years in college, and now that the weather's getting colder, a shirt with an overcoat just isn't cutting it. I have one blazer which I really like that helps, but a few more wouldn't hurt. I'd love something in velvet or corduroy for a little added warmth.

9. Fingerless Gloves
I sit in front of a computer all night at work, and as the supervisors all seem to be big beefy guys, they constantly leave the door open and the heat off. This is bad news for me, who gets cold in my own house with the door CLOSED. I usually pile on layers, but my fingers are always cold and stiff. I'd wear normal gloves, but then I wouldn't be able to type. Hence, the fingerless gloves. I'd love something in a neutral color or red, that I can wear with pretty much anything.

11. Jewelry Box
I have several pieces of jewelry that are really important to me - my senior class ring, the charm bracelet I recieved when I graduated, the emerald I inherited from my great-great-grandmother... but I don't have anywhere to keep them. They gravitate from one tabletop to another in my apartment, and I'm always afraid of losing them. I'd love a jewelry box that I can close and take with me when I travel, especially one with several compartments for earrings, neckalces, etc.

12. Comfy Throw
This should be pretty self-explanatory - I'm a comfy-seeking person, I'm frequently cold, and I like curling up on the couch to watch Turner Classic Movies. I don't like turning on my heater because it makes the whole house smell. So I'd love a comfy throw blanket to wrap around me on cold days.

13. City Chic
I have expensive taste. Always have had, since I first began to go shopping with my lovely Mom. The problem is, I have no money, and I'm not likely to have any for the next six years at least. This book by Nina Willdorf is described as, "Living a Prada Lifestyle on a Payless Budget". Sounds like me, alright.

14. Uglydoll
I'm not allowed to have a cat in my apartment. Or a dog. I have a hamster, but he doesn't like to sit still and be cuddled. I'm too young to have a baby. I'd love an Uglydoll to fulfill my need for something small and fuzzy to hold.

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