Sunday, November 28, 2004

Because apparently, I'm busy.

Sooo... lots has happened in the past 2 weeks.

Thursday, November 18th: Went to get on a train to go home (after staying late at work the night before), expecting it to leave at 1 o'clock. Train left at 3. Ate one shriveled hot dog for dinner. Train was subsequently 4 hours late, not getting in until 10:30. That night I stayed up until 2 to help my little sister Emily finish her term paper.

Friday, November 19th: Got woken up at 5 when everybody went to school. Felt incredibly nauseous, but just figured it was because it was so early. Went back to sleep. Got woken up at 10 by my alarm. Still felt sick... didn't get up. Mom called me a few minutes later to check in, letting me know that she and my first grade teacher were coming to get me for lunch in a few hours. Tried to get up and get dressed. Made it into a pair of pants before collapsing back on the bed. Tried not to throw up. Called Mom and told her I couldn't make it to lunch. Fell back asleep... slept until 4 without waking up. Got up at 4:30, feeling better, and watched TV for an hour before Mom and the sisters got home from school. Sat around until 6:30 when we left for a dinner reservation. Went out to dinner... had some plain pasta and bread. Still felt a little off. Dad got me a Tolouse-Latrec shirt (with the black cat on it), the Cabaret DVD, and some Victoria's Secret comfy pajama pants (nothing scary) for my birthday.

Saturday, November 20th: Went shopping with Mom and my sister Molly. Bought some nice things, as well as some neat Christmas presents for the1andonlycj. Had a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving, since I wasn't going to be there on the real Thanksgiving. Gorged myself on Turkey and mashed potato.

Sunday, November 21st: Saw my Grandma for a few hours before I left. She seems much better and happier now that she's in a community. She said she was Martha Stewart for the community's Halloween party. Got on an Amtrak bus to go back to school. Only took 4 hours. Got into the station at 6:30, and Cj took a break from work to come and get me. Hung around Sears and shopped a little bit more until he got off work, then we went home.

In between mock-Thanksgiving and real Thanksgiving, I got told that I was too negative at meetings and that some of the supervisors were upset with me because I snapped at them for making jokes while I was working my butt off on the $27,000 night. ME, too negative? Oh well. They don't really understand how hard it is to do my job, and I don't blame them for what they don't know. Still, it bugged me a little.

Then I went to Cj's parents house this weekend.

Thursday, November 25th: Got up at 11 to drive down to Simi Valley to visit Cj's parents for Thanksgiving. We had "dinner" at 1 because Cj's brother wanted his girlfriend to be able to come, and she had work at 3 in Ventura. So we had more of a Thanksgiving brunch than a dinner, but that was fine because at least everybody could be there. Cj's dad took some links out of the charm bracelet I got at graduation so I can finally wear it, then gave me a heart charm for my birthday with the date Cj and I met engraved on it. Really nice. We hung around until 7, when we left to go to Ojai and stay with Cj's grandparents.

Friday, November 26th: Got up at 10:45 for no good reason... hung around with Cj's grandparents until we decided to go pick up his friend Kevin for lunch. Went to O-Hi Frostie and got Tortas and the BEST FRENCH FRIES EVER. Kevin spilled some ketchup on his dress shirt. Then we drove around for a little while and Kevin showed us the backyard where he's going to live in a Tee-pee. Crazy. Then we went back to Cj's grandparents house to get Kevin a new shirt. While we were there we decided we'd just get dressed for Cj's friend Brian's wedding. Then we went and walked around downtown, me in high heels (for which I got a huge blister on my toe) and looked in Antique shops until we were SO bored we decided to go pick up Cj's friend Jordan (also going to the wedding). We picked him up, and then it was finally time to go to the wedding. The priest wasn't very good... before the wedding he half-hid behind a pole and was peeking out at us. Then he kept losing his place and saying awkward things like "God brought Adam all the animals, but he found that none was a suitable mate." The reception singer/DJ was really cheesy too, and kept talking to cover up the times he couldn't hit the high notes. Plus the dance floor was tiny, so the one time I dragged Cj over to dance with me, we kept bumping into older couples. But Brian looked happy, so that's all that matters.

Saturday, November 27th: Got woken up at 12 to the sound of Cj's grandparent's annoying train whistle phone. Weather was icky. Crawled out of bed and drove to Simi where we looked around antiques stores with Cj's mom trying to find a bed for our Christmas Present. I bought a Ukranian Egg and a flapper hat, but we didn't find a bed in the right size. We then drove all the way to IKEA in the rain, almost hit and subsequently got cussed out by an evil female pedestrian, only to find that the bed we'd picked out was about 2 feet tall. I mean, the pillows alone would have towered over it. So we drove back to Simi, disappointed, then back to Ojai, where I thought we were going out to sushi for a pre-birthday dinner with all of Cj's friends. Turns out one of them had already eaten (Cj didn't tell him he was invited) and the other had skipped off somewhere, after previously having lost his cell phone. Plus the sushi place was packed. So we didn't end up going. Instead I had Domino's and went to bed. BAH. Frustrating Day.

That just about brings us up to speed. I have to leave for work soon, and I spent all my time at home writing this entry to let you guys know what's up. Ah, well. It's important.

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