Saturday, October 02, 2004

Evicted Neighbor, Slight Remorse.

So, ever since this guy moved in next to us, he's been obnoxious and loud. Over the course of the summer he's had loud parties, sat with his friends outside in the parking lot laughing, yelling, and sometimes playing music while SITTING IN HIS CAR until 4 am, then getting up at 10 and doing it all again. Cj and I have called our landlord many times to complain (something which I really don't like doing, and in fact the last time I did the landlord's wife got mad and told us to "deal with it ourselves"). However, the landlord told us to call him instead of getting into a bad relationship with our neighbors.

Anyway, today Cj called to complain again and we were told that James had already called them into his office to warn them once, but that he would deal with it. Tonight was actually the quietest they've been, but I guess it was just the last straw because James told them that they were being evicted and had to be out of the building by Monday.

The question is this - I feel bad. Should I?

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