Thursday, May 13, 2004

i'm not really liking this new blogger system.

I'm feeling a little bit sick today. I missed my drawing class. I'm at work now. I have a headache. But hopefully Cj is cleaning the house and making me something good to eat when I get home.

He doesn't have a job right now. Not for lack of trying - he's been back to the dining commons at least six times trying to get hours, he's applied at another place whose owner has yet to call him back, and we've both answered a lot of Craigslist postings. Still, nothing. So for now he's my house husband.

I signed up for classes - all literature. I have to catch up on major requirements. So next fall I'm reading books about travelers, a few on Dante and some literary diaries. Eh. Pretty interesting. They all start at ten a.m. though, which is a little earlier than I'd like.

As far as housing/moving, after the Willow Springs fiasco we're still looking for places. If it's not better than where we're living now, why bother to go through all the trouble to move? It just seems to me like there aren't many nice places for college students in this town - everybody thinks we're partyers (sp?). I just want to say, "Let me assure you, we were considering moving into a senior community just so we wouldn't have to be ANYWHERE NEAR parties." I'd really like to move this summer. Cj and I moved so quickly into this apartment that we're completely disorganized, and it'd be nice to start fresh in a place where you don't get woken up at 4 AM to people returning drunk from partying.

All in all, though, I'm doing ok. Looking forward to summer and visiting friends.

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