Wednesday, April 21, 2004

My Teacher Thinks I'm Having Problems

So I got a note on my essay from Monday (on which I earned 2 points - 8 is passing) saying, "I'm worried something has happened. Did I do something? Are you allright?"

So I had to go explain to him. "Remember that flyer I handed out last weeks, saying 'I'm directing a play, come see it?"

He said, "I remember the flyer, but I didn't assume you were even connected to it." Even though he was looking right at me when I said it.

Anyway, I told him how I'm directing the play on top of school and work, and how I wrote the latest essay in the half-hour I had before class on Monday. "Oh," he said. "Wow, that's a really good essay for half an hour. It makes my brain hurt trying to imagine doing that in a half hour."

So although I still fail the essay and have to write a replacement, at least he knows it's not because I hate him or I'm not trying. Ughh.

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