Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Sitting at home. Cj's out at work. He's starting to train for his new job at Bargain Network today.

Sesame Street was on this morning, and I started identifying with that little bear character... scary.

Was going to go to school today, since I have class from 2-5 and should probably get my Depo-shot (I've been to student health twice now but each time something happens - the first time I got there right as they locked the door, the second time my prescription had run out and they had to order more). But the book I was supposed to read for class is out of print (Cj and I couldn't find it anywhere), and to get to school I'd either have to walk (by myself, not safe) or take the bus, which leaves at 7:15 in the morning. And then I'd have no way home but to walk (again, don't feel safe). Plus... I didn't really want to go out anyway. Or wake up at 6am and do nothing in the computer lab all day.

Nothing much has happened. Cj's teasing me about starting to think about our wedding already. Yeah, it's silly, but... nevermind. I'm not even gonna defend it. I'm just excited to finally find somebody great enough to marry, that's all. Ah, well.

AND I'm excited to go to Toronto for Spring Break. Shoe museum, yeah baby! Anyway, I'm sorry for not writing and I promise to update as things happen... they just haven't been lately.

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