Thursday, February 05, 2004

Tooth News

Cracked tooth no more! I went to the dentist today [after doing quite well on my Japanese Midterm]* to have him check my tooth, since it looked strange and was sensitive to cold. Well, after much fun with a strategically placed piece of ice [I'm serious, the dentist took a little piece of ice and held it to my teeth to see if it hurt me], he concluded that I was just naturally sensitive to cold [other teeth hurt me too] and that the odd color was just a filling leaking. So yeah. I'm fine.

Oh, and when I told him about the scratchy/itchy/prickly feeling I've been getting on my tongue, he told me it's because the taste buds on my tongue were "getting too long" and were rubbing against eachother, and that it's because I don't brush my tongue. STRANGE, ne?

Guess I don't have a thyroid problem after all. But I still might. We'll see when I get my test results.

I'm posting this from work, by the way. It's breaktime though, so I don't feel bad.

*Update:Yyyyeah... I got a 79%. So not that great, after all.

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