Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Merry Merry

It's Christmas Eve, and I am blogging despite the pain in my legs.

Yesterday, after dropping allison off at the airport [sniffle], dad, molly and I went off to the mall in search of some Kurisumasu presents. The mall was packed, like a whorehouse with a two-for-one special, and we walked around for at least four hours in a consumer haze before finally leaving... to go to Fry's electronics... then a short stop off at dad's work... by the time we got home, it was at least 6 o'clock. When you consider that we left the house at 10 in the morning, you understand why I fell asleep in the car on the way home. Not to mention that the night before we danced all night in the arcade [on korean DDR competitor "Pump it Up"] so my feet were already yelling at me, as well as spending about 3 hours cutting molly's hair [v. cute pixieish now]. In other words, I'm exhausted.

Now I'm trying to finish my dad's christmas present, with little time to spare. Whee! Christmas is fun!

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