Sunday, May 04, 2003

Wittle Cuddwy Sheepies

Oh, my, god. This is the strangest site I've ever come across... I searched on Google for "Japanese Fluffy" and this is what I found.

Excerpt from this page: If you like being sick, you'll love baby sheeps much more than their fat, smelly, army cannon-fodder and hit-by-a-bus on-it's-way-to-Oban bigger selves. Or "sheep" in case you missed those clues. Small sheep can be unfortunate though, because if they're not lucky enough to grow up to be fattened, sheared, left in a freezing cold field, or sent to mad France in a shoebox sized lorry, to become Frog-torched mutton, they face a life of death at the hands of calendar makers, stupid girls and Japanese terrorists. SORRY tourists . Anyway, some of these so called cute objects are just a joke, take this picture I received in a jar yesternight-mooon. It's so FAKE. Anyone can see that this is clearly not a real sheep and just the figment of some perverse plastic fetish-fulfillment marketing scam! WHAT NEXT? SHEEP COLA?

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