Friday, May 30, 2003


Been so busy lately... taking care of business, trying to get Cj's application together (he's applying to my college... isn't that wonderful?), help him with his financial aid papers, and deal with my stupid insurance company. They're just being bastards. So, a lot of paper-type business to get done, as well as packing up to move. Yep. l

On a completely different note, all my fishies died except the betta and the frog. We think it was the tank, cause we moved the betta and frog out when we got a whole bunch of neon tetras (little shiny blue fish). Last night the frog was croaking for the first time! Maybe it's because we fed him a bug and he felt like a hunter... anyway, at first we couldn't figure out where it was coming from, but then Cj watched the frog peek his head out of the water and croak. I thought it was a weird bird outside, or maybe a cicada. BUT NO, it was the froggie making his little mating call. Woot.

It's sunny also today. Warm and sunny. Yum.


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