Friday, April 18, 2003

Japanese is Fun

Was looking around on Dir En Grey's Official Site and decided to translate some of the news from their official fan club, "A Knot". Here's what came up:

'The TV, we have informed about the media information of the radio and the magazine et cetera and the dispatch circumstance of the direct mail. Especially, as for the live news which have the deadline is not something which in everyone very becomes matter of concern, probably will be? As a ¢ A knot £ you propose and in order for there to be a room in period, you have dispatched, but when the urgent sewer such as those which are decided date is not left over, those where do not reach, being to like you to communicate ahead of time it does. After passing the deadline, communication receiving, to propose to the preceding reservation of the ticket it is not possible to receive, there are times when you utilize generality sale. Because that kind of thing is included, with 24 hour information " if it does not reach up to 00, * & * with the contents which are said can hear communication ", propriety utilization. In addition, in many ones because utilization it has received, depending upon the time zone it catches and has become the ‚Ã and others ‚­. In case of the catching ‚Ã leprosy shifting time, please apply.'

Isn't Japanese fun?

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