Saturday, April 19, 2003

Bloody Nose

Last night, Cj got one of his frequent bloody noses. It was a pretty bad one, so we exhausted the tissue supply and had to use this roll of toilet paper Cj "borrowed" from one of the performance halls on campus. At the time I'd laughed at how silly he was being, that we could afford Kleenex and yet he was taking toilet paper from bathrooms. Anyway, Cj was sitting there saying, "See? I told you we'd need it. See? You shouldn't have made fun of me." "Well it did seem really silly," I said. "No wait," he answered. "You don't understand. It's like catching an enormous fish, if I was a big drunk redneck guy. This is my urban fish." Then he saw the smile on my face and said, "You're gonna write about this, aren't you."

How can you not blog about something like this? Honestly.

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