Tuesday, March 18, 2003


Friday - arrived in Ojai to find that Cj's nephew, the most adorable boy, had been burned with a cigarrete... right under his eye.

Saturday - got back to school, worked the entire day on my Costume Project, had to stay up until 2 in the morning to get HALF of it done.

Sunday - had to go back to Ojai to take the fishes to Cj's house cause we won't be able to take care of them after break. Several hours of driving. Then, when we got back to school, I worked on my costume project the rest of the day, staying up until 4 in the morning to get it done.

Monday - woke up at 10:30 in order to finish last-minute things on project. Was in class from 12 until 3. Got a message from my dad saying he'd just gotten my email about Fee Deadlines and to call home, because the payment wouldn't get there until Wednesday so I should call the office and make sure I could still go to school. Argh. Got back to the room and tried to sleep, but nothing doing. For lack of sleep, our friend Owen brought over his GameCube and we played the new Super Smash Bros and Time Splitter 2. Crawled up on the bed at midnight. Didn't get to sleep until 2.

Tuesday - had weird dreams about dead southern beauties laying in a pool of water under a huge sycamore tree that moved like it was alive. At the end of the dream I was clutching Cj's nephew to me as these beautiful dead girls danced all around us. Then, trying to get out of the swamp, we ended up having to shrink and freeze these confused Indian boys (I say Indian because they were the stereotypical version) and then find a place where they wouldn't thaw before we could get to the train station. More parts of the dream that I can't really remember include a roadhouse, racing go-carts inside, hugging a girl that looked just like my friend Kate T. but turned out to be her little sister (I don't think she has one). Now I'm sitting in front of my computer after having removed several old soda cans, gum wrappers (I don't chew gum), and an extremely smelly moldy cup of cheerios and milk from my desk area, not to mention the random junk and trash that seems to haunt my existence. Gotta write a 6 page paper today, then pack for going home on the train tomorrow. I just hope that the confirmation number my mom sent me is enough, because usually I get the whole page... don't ask me, I don't know where it went this time.


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