Monday, January 27, 2003


Yes... I know. I have not posted for an entire week. Shame. Shame, shame. I do, however, have quite an episode to report.

Thursday night at dinner I ate the berry cobbler. Supposedly "Boisenberry," after taking a bite I discovered it to be much more, containing blueberries, as well as other mashy red berries that I could not identify. I stopped eating it after one bite, deeming it to be suspicious. Flash forward a few hours. I'm getting all snuggly in bed when Cj remarks that my face feels warm. In addition, I just can't seem to get comfortable on the silky elephant pillow that I love so dearly... in fact, it feels prickly and itchy. I climb down the bed and open the mirror. My face has hives ALL over it. Cj asks me what's the matter. I tell him I've got hives, that it's happened before but this time it's really scary. I turn to look at my roommate and she goes, "Oh god, that IS scary." She runs upstairs to get Andrew, our R.A. Meanwhile, I call my mom, who tells me that if my voice starts to change or if I have problems breathing I should go to the emergency room. When Andrew arrives and sees my face, he tells me that I should go to the emergency room NOW. So at 11:30 at night Cj and I run out to the car and drive to the emergency room. While I'm waiting to be admitted, struggling not to touch my face, a woman and her husband come in. The woman is pregnant, and breathing heavily. The man looks at the desk attendant and says, "Think we're havin' a baby!" Of course, they're admitted immediately. Soon after, a pair of women come in. One is having trouble breathing, and is wheezing and hanging on the other woman. "She can't breathe," the second woman says, and the desk attendant rushes to open the door for them. When I'm admitted, I feel really silly for coming to the ER. My hives are considerably less swollen than they were before, and compared to these other people my illness is nothing. Anyway, the doctor checks my nose and throat and tells me to take Benedryl... and that's it. I leave, and don't sleep on my face for 3 days.

Went to "12 Angry Women," too. Good play... but the events of the previous night kindof overshadowed everything else. All in all, I spent 14-16 hours on the train, itching all the way, and I will never eat berries in the cafeteria again.


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